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"Discover how to identify your niche, establish an effective ecosystem, and successfully launch your digital products in just 90 days."

"Benefit from over 25 years of expertise in Sales and Marketing with leading MNCs, along with 5000 hours of dedicated learning and application of techniques to develop and create digital products."

Hi! I'm Praful Varma...

"Having transitioned from a corporate employee to a digital expert, I am well-versed with the obstacles that come with navigating the contemporary workforce. My approach to digital coaching combines technical expertise with a spiritual grounding as a minimalist, empowering professionals, experts, consultants, and business owners to collectively contribute to the growth of the economy. I established the Moksh Lifestyle Hub, a revolutionary platform dedicated to developing a new breed of digital leaders. Join me in unlocking your full potential through our transformational coaching programs and be part of this mission."

Mission Statement   

"I am on a mission to empower 10,00,000 professionals and businesses to create digital wealth by turning their knowledge and skills into profitable ventures. I am dedicated to helping individuals and businesses turn their passions into successful businesses and achieve financial freedom through digital entrepreneurship."

Digital Coaching

"I am a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in Sales & Marketing. I offer guidance and support to help individuals learn, implement, and create their own eco-system to achieve their full potential. My goal is to empower professionals to succeed in their careers through practical education and mentorship."

Moksh Lifestyle Hub

"This community is dedicated to connecting professionals with like-minded individuals. It provides a platform for networking, idea-sharing, and professional development. The goal is to help members build meaningful relationships and advance in their careers."

Finalise Your Niche

Get acces to a proven "niche clarity system" to finalize your topic while you are in the 1 to 1 itself.

Build Digital Products

Create a business plan comprising of courses, coaching, consulting, certification and memberships.

Automate Leads & Sales

Learn how to attract the right quality customers on autopilot and build loyal communities.

"Realize your true potential and attain success in automating your sales while achieving complete freedom with Praful Varma's transformative digital coaching program. Praful, a proficient expert and spiritually grounded minimalist, is dedicated to empowering one million professionals and businesses to redefine the education and employment system and collectively contribute to the growth of the economy. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best and become a digital expert that creates a genuine impact.Enroll now to experience the advantages of Praful's proven techniques and join a community of like-minded individuals on the path to success and enlightenment."

What you will Get !

"Experience a unique program that empowers professionals and businesses to learn, implement, and earn consistently by establishing their own eco-system to automate leads and sales. With this comprehensive program, participants can acquire the necessary skills to create a profitable and sustainable business."

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We have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Attend my next webinar to learn more and then get started as a digital Specialist.


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